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Washington Journal of Law Technology & Arts Star Kashman Google Dorking

This legal article delves into the issue of "Google Dorking," an often ignored but highly effective computer-crime technique employed by hackers, cyberstalkers, and cybercriminals...

Star Kashman Attorney at Law
Logo Law360 Star Kashman Search Engine Hacking

Did you know that your passwords, webcams and credit card numbers could be exposed online without

your knowledge, and it doesn't even take an expert hacker to access it?

Attorney at Law Star Kashman Internet Law Expert
The Ciso Times Star Kashman Search Engine Hacking Article

Star Kashman, Bea Rubin, Samantha Piper

“Search Engine Hacking,” also called “Google dorking," has quickly become a favorite technique of hackers to find and expose private or sensitive information that is not intended for public access...

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