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Artificial Intelligence Inflicted Harm

Child Sexual Exploitation Online

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Image Based Sexual Abuse 

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Star Kashman, J.D.

Welcome to the forefront of Cybersecurity Law. Join Star Kashman, award-winning legal scholar and cybersecurity law expert, in navigating the interplay of technology and law. 

Juris Doctor
Award-Winning Legal Scholar

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Rising Star

Educating and protecting the public

Star Kashman is a renowned legal expert deeply immersed in the intricacies of cybersecurity law. Her groundbreaking work was first showcased in the Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts, where she authored the pioneering legal academic paper on the confluence of law and a relatively obscure cyber technique known as Search Engine Hacking, also referred to as Google Dorking. This work was further elaborated in her Law360 article, "Search Engine Hacking Needs a Legislative Fix", and in The CISO Times piece titled "How to Protect Your Business From a Little Known, Shockingly Simple Hacking Technique". Kashman is recognized as a leading authority in the niche domain of Cybersecurity law, particularly regarding the overlooked aspects of this field.

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Who is Star Kashman?

Kashman's contributions to the field extend beyond academia. She has actively engaged in raising awareness and advocating for sensible regulation through her research, public speaking engagements, and participation in events that bring together legal, cybersecurity, and national security experts. Her efforts have been acknowledged by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) with a research award, highlighting her significant contributions to cybersecurity and national security law.

Her educational background is robust, with a Juris Doctor degree and a comprehensive academic tenure at Brooklyn Law School, where she delved into cyberlaw and authored her first publication on Google Dorking. This work has not only showcased her expertise but also her commitment to educating and protecting the public against emerging and less understood cybersecurity threats.

In addition to her academic and professional achievements, Kashman possesses a diverse skill set that includes web/graphic design, social media growth/monetization, and experience with HTML and CSS, further enriching her contributions to the field of cybersecurity law.

For organizations and individuals navigating the complexities of cybersecurity, Kashman's insights and expertise offer invaluable guidance. Her work illuminates the critical intersections between legal frameworks and digital security, ensuring that stakeholders are equipped to address contemporary challenges in an informed and effective manner.

By collaborating with Star Kashman, clients gain access to a deep well of knowledge and an advocate dedicated to advancing cybersecurity through legal channels. Her pioneering work serves as a beacon for those seeking to understand and mitigate the legal risks associated with digital technologies and cyber threats.



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Web/Graphic Design

Social Media Growth/Monetization

Experience in HTML and CSS

Experience in Advertising

Google Dorking Expert

Research in Search Engine Hacking

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